Ballroom dancing

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taniec towarzyski One autumn day in 2010 a wise man said „Let’s teach Krakersy how to ballroom dance”. The volleyball players turned out to be very willing and talented in that matter, therefore a fully operational section of KKS has been established. The Equality Dance popular in Western Europe became a bright spot in expanding KKS environment, which led to gathering more and more people around the idea of same sex dancing in Krakow.

taniec towarzyskiThere are no boundaries or limitations except our own skills, imagination and willingness. The classes usually revolve around classical ballroom dances – cha cha cha, waltz, foxtrot, jive, tango etc. However, occasionally one of us – trainees becomes a trainer when he/she decides to share his/hers knowledge of either Irish dance or Oberek – a polish folk dance.

We do not require any skills or experience. The only things necessary are comfortable shoes, willingness and a good mood. Although the last one can be easily acquired once the warm-up commences. After about 5 minutes into it, anyone will burst out laughing.