Welcome to the site of the first Cracow
amateur LGBTQ sports club!

GlamCup Kraków 2017

Glam Cup Kraków 2017

Join to 5th edition of Glam Cup Krakow 2017 tournament!!

More details you can find on our website.


Zmiana numeru konta

IMPORTANT !! Change of the bank account number !!

We kindly inform you that our Association bank account number has been changed.

New bank account numbers:

PLN IBAN: PL11 1750 0012 0000 0000 3378 6654

EUR IBAN: PL77 1750 0012 0000 0000 3378 6727




GLAM CUP starts now!

Another year of hard work has paid off, or maybe it will. Tonight we start the 3rd edition of GLAM CUP. All the impatient ones, that came earlier, please join us at Cocon Club Tomorrow there's the welcome party, including a POKER FACE game at ToTu Club. Saturday, the 31st of January is the games day! After that there will be an awarding ceremony. Programme details can be found here.


Glam Cup 2015

Registration for Glam Cup Krakow 2015 is now open!

Altough we ghave started to work on Glam Cup 2015 back in August, we are ready only now to open the registration. We would like to welcome you again to our beautiful city for another event of sports excitement, great atmosphere and a "gay, old time". For more details go to tournament's page.



Winter is coming

The winter season is getting closer and closer - like during previous years, we will try to coordinate trips to the hill. We would like to invite all eager ones to take their first steps on the slope (snowboarding, skiing, apple) and those who would share their knowlegde and help to improve our skills in the field of ski techniques. We would like to remind you to prepare for the winter season - adequate training or regular physical activity - so that the soreness and injuries will be known only from stories. In case of questions contact us at



Helping hands are very GLAM

We would like to invita all the activcists, pseud-activista and any others that would like to help out with GLAM Cup Krakow 2014
- international LGBT volleyball touyrnament taking place Februry 13th - 16th 2014. We would be very gratefull if you could help with:
- hosting: you may lend a bed or two and meet interesting people;
- volunteers: helping with particular smaller tasks during the tournament or in the period of a week before and after the event;
Interested? Drop us a line at


Let's get GLAM

Despite the fact that it is just the middle of October, we already started to prepare ourselves to the second edition of GLAM Cup Krakow tournament. Registration opens today, and the organizers have already made it through a few meetings, discussions, disputes and made some decissions.
We are taking into consideration the feedback provided by this years participants to make sure next year the atmosphere and organizational aspects of the event relate closely to its name.



Football, football, football! GOAL!!!

Another attempt to get regular football practices with KKS in place is about to happen. Starting March 8th we will be having open air meetings to chase the ball. Since the aura is one of the main factors here, the training might get cancelled when the temperature is below 10 deg Celcius or it rains.
For address go to calendar. Let's play ball!



Let's get GLAM!

The day we've been waiting for for over a year has finally come. GLAM CUP Krakow 2013 - the first Krakow's LGBT volleyball tournament starts tonight.
We are honoured to host teams from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia.
Poland is being represented by Warsaw, Tri-city, Wroclaw, Katowice
and obviously Krakow. We're hoping for a lot of sports adrenaline and unforgetable moments in a friendly, international company.


Skok na stok

Ski trip - Kotelnica

The winter doesn't seem to weaken, and Saturday, February 2nd seems as good of a day as any for a ski trip. Join us.
The destination is Kotelnica near Białka Tatrzańska. We encourage the ones who would like to start their adventure with skis or snowboard as there is going to be a proffesional trainer joining us.
Any experienced skiers are also welcome, as the instructor will surely help you to improve your skills. We're leaving around 7.30 AM.
More details at upon request.



Waiting for Spring!

We plan to reactivate basketball and soccer section this spring.
Trainings will start as soon as the weather outside is pleasant enough.
If you are interested in participating please drop an e-mail to   or , and we will inform you when the trainings will commence.
We will surely inform you about it in the calendar.



Qigong - martial arts in slow motion

Coming across participants requests we are modifying the nature of martial arts classes. Starting January 23rd we are going to split the trainings into two:
- the first part will be dedicated to getting to know relaxation and meditation methods,
- the second one - more dynamic classes as up till now.
More info - as always - in the calendar and the sections tabs.



Volup BadCup 2013 - a badminton cup

A friendly team from Warsaw - Volup - is setting up a badminton tournament.
Registration is open and the due date is 25th of January.
Competition will include both, singles and doubles.
More information at www.volup.pl.



Frankfurt X-Mas Tournier 2012...

Third attempt to conquer Frankfurt is almost here.
We have worked hard and we are ready to show what we have acomplished so far and what we might achieve.
This year we will compete in female and male volleyball, but there is one brave man, that decided to join a mixed team of soccer.
Cross your fingers and don't spare your cheering!



Let it snow!

The winter is almost among us. Not to waste any of it, make sure you get your gear ready and sharp!
We will try to use any occasion to have soem fun in the snow, regardles if it is skiing, snowboarding or sleighing.
The trips will be planned a little ahead and the info will always be posted in the calendar and on our Facebook fan page. Go to Winter sports for more info.



Self defence by Krakersy!

A new section in our club starts Nov 7th.
Instructor with over 20 years of experience will show us how to use karate, aikido, ju-jitsu and kung-fu for self defense.
If you wish to learn how to act in a dangerous situation please join us.
The first training is free of charge for you to get to know what is it all about. Go to Self defense and calendar for more info.



Female only volleyball starting November!

We are happy to inform you ladies, that since November we will be having a female volleyball trainings only.
The first practise is free of charge for you to test and try weather you would be interested in commiting.
For more info regarding time and venue please see calendar and volleyball tab.



Hiking in Gorce mountains

We have the feeling that we haven't exploited our potential during the summer. That is why we try to make up for it.
How about having a hike during the weekend?
Leaving on Saturday, retiurning on Sunday, just in time for the volleyball practise. Most of our viewers probably know where to seearch for details, nevertheless, click calendar for more.



October is the swimming month

During October we plan to have not one, but two swimming sessions a week. It is a temporary solution so far, we shall see where it goes. Not having the basketball/volleyball sessions left us with one free evening, that we could not have unattended :). PLease stay tuned, 'cause we plan something special to happen on Wednesdays since November.
More details soon!