Self defense

Trainings take place every Wednesday at Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny No 6, ul. Dietla 70 (gym on the 2nd floor);
map; between 19.00 – 21.00 (starting NOV 7th);

Cost of participation – 10 PLN; (first practise is free of charge);

Sports outfit is required, change rooms are available;

After finishing the course you will be given a diploma of its completion.

The coursewill be supervised by a female instructor of 20+ years of experience.

IMPORTANT: for adults only;

Contact - ;

Crime and violance is a wordlwide issue, no country can guarantee full safety for their citizens. That is why self defense techniques are still within a high interest rate of the society. Many of LGBT community members that we have recently met, indicated that getting knowledge and practical skills in that matter is crutial for them to be able to feel safer and more confident. Trying to satisfy such demand, we are setting up the self defense course.

Tought by experience, most attackers act accordingly to a certain pattern. Knowing that allows us to get to know how to react in such cases and become prepared for such situations. Getting familiar with stressfull situations of being under attack allows us to stay calm and reasonable when danger occurs.

The classes will provide us all with the knowledge of self defense techniques, based on current physics, anatomy, biomechanics and psychology studies. Methodology of the course will allow all of us to practise karate, aikido, ju-jitsu and kung-fu useful methods, as well as learning how to dodge, cover and block strokes and be prepared for attack.

During the course we will also learn how to act in an unfavorable environment and protect your health and safety.

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